What is the quality of ordinary plastic mold molding?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Plastic molds have become the most widely used materials in various fields. Mold has always served the market with an excellent reputation. Its quality is mainly reflected in six aspects.

The following is a specific and comprehensive introduction. Click to check reviews. Service life: Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the number of working cycles or the number of parts produced by the mold can be completed.

All front and rear internal molds, inserts, rows, slanted tops, vertical tops (push blocks), etc. must be machined on the bottom or sides of the girdle pocket and engraved with material name and hardness. Maintenance cost, cycle time, etc. Product quality: product dimensional stability, compliance, product surface finish, product material utilization rate, etc.

The use and maintenance of the mold: whether it is the most convenient to use, demould, and the production support time should be as short as possible; during the manufacturing process, the outer surface of the mold blank needs to be protected to prevent rust and scratches. Before packing the mould, it is necessary to spray white and/or colorless anti-rust agent to the inner mould. All mold surfaces must be cleaned and then buttered.

Plastic molds are not only high quality, but also have a longer service life than other molds. It can not only save more customers' costs, but also bring high-quality user experience, thus saving you trouble, workload and professional security guarantee.

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