What issues should be paid attention to in the design and production of plastic molds?


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What issues should be paid attention to in the design and production of plastic molds? The following editors from Shanghai Plastic Mold Factory Xingye will introduce the design and production precautions of plastic molds: 1. Reasonable selection of plastic mold structure. According to the drawings and technical requirements of plastic parts, study and select the appropriate molding method and equipment, combine the processing capacity of the factory, propose the structural scheme of the plastic mold, fully solicit the opinions of relevant parties, conduct analysis and discussion, and make the designed injection mold structure reasonable, Reliable quality and easy operation. When necessary, according to the needs of plastic mold design and processing, it is necessary to modify the drawings of plastic parts, but it must be agreed by the user.

2. The size of injection molded parts should be calculated correctly. Plastic parts are the direct factors that determine the shape, size and surface quality of plastic parts, and require special attention. The average shrinkage method can generally be used to calculate the size of molded parts.

For plastic parts with high precision and need to control the mold repair allowance, it can be calculated according to the tolerance zone method. For large precision plastic parts, the analogy method can be used to calculate the shrinkage of plastic parts in different directions to compensate for the influence of some factors that are difficult to consider in theory. 3. The design of the plastic mold should be easy to produce.

When designing an injection mold, try to make the designed plastic mold easy to produce and low in production cost. Especially for those complex molded parts, it is necessary to consider whether to use general processing methods or special processing methods. If a special processing method is used, how to assemble it after processing, similar problems should be considered and solved in the design of the injection mold, and the mold repair after the mold test should be considered at the same time, and sufficient mold repair allowance should be reserved.

4. The designed injection mold should be safe and reliable. This requirement involves many aspects of injection mold design, such as filling and clamping in the pouring system, good temperature adjustment effect, flexible and reliable demoulding mechanism, etc. 5. Plastic mold parts should be wear-resistant and durable.

The durability of plastic mold parts affects the service life of the entire plastic mold. Therefore, when designing such parts, it is not only necessary to put forward necessary requirements for its materials, processing methods, heat treatment, etc. However, sales parts such as push rods are also easy to get stuck, bent, and broken, and the failures caused account for most of the mold failures.

Therefore, we should also consider how to adjust and replace conveniently, but we must pay attention to the adaptation of the life of the parts to the injection mold. 6. The structure of the plastic mold should adapt to the molding characteristics of the plastic. When designing injection molds, it is necessary to fully understand the molding characteristics of the plastics used and meet the requirements as much as possible. This is also an important measure to obtain high-quality plastic parts.

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