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What methods can be used for hardware parts processing


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Nowadays, hardware parts are needed in many places, such as parts used in some large-scale processing equipment, parts used in various vehicles, and household appliances in our lives. So when making hardware How to calculate the price when the parts are processed? Aluminum alloy parts firstly depends on your drawings and technical requirements. There are differences in materials and labor in different places. In some places, there is a big difference in price. Ordinary parts are calculated according to material fee + processing fee + profit, and the processing fee depends on the process. Of course, the price of using different processing equipment is different, and some are calculated according to working hours (turning time, grinding time, etc.). Some are calculated according to the process (such as how much it costs for a folded plate, how much it costs for an ordinary drill, etc.), but in some small manufacturers, they still need to consider whether the product needs to be outsourced, so the price will naturally be higher. Some, and the products made do not necessarily guarantee accuracy, so it is still very important to find a high-quality hardware parts processing manufacturer. Nowadays, when making hardware parts, the application of automatic lathes and computerized lathes to CNC processing is becoming more and more common.

The main reason is that both of them are fully automatic processing, which reduces the accuracy error caused by human operation to the bottom point, and the processing speed is fast, which is used for mass production. So what is the difference between the two methods of lathe and stamping used in making hardware parts? Stamping of hardware parts: Stamping uses pre-manufactured molds and punches for cold stamping processing, mainly for sheet metal processing, that is, most of the processed materials are plates, and the processing efficiency is relatively high, which is suitable for mass production. Lathes: Lathes for hardware parts processing belong to fine processing machinery, which are divided into ordinary lathes, automatic lathes, instrument lathes and computer lathes.

It performs rotary motion after clamping the material, and the radial or axial processing is performed by the turning tool.

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