What points should be paid attention to when choosing an injection mold factory


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

When customers look for injection mold manufacturers, they will find some manufacturer information in different ways. Customers also know that if they want someone else to serve them, the price will generally be higher, but they also know that if they can get it cheaper, they will try to find it cheaper. That's why many people linger for a long time when looking for factories to cooperate with.

Today, I want to tell you how to choose a mold processing factory. Friends who care about injection mold processing should take a look. The following content is more important! 1. Collect the information of the mold manufacturer.

There are many ways to collect mold manufacturer information. You can search online, collect from friends, or learn from outdoor advertisements. After obtaining mold manufacturer information in these ways, you need to classify it. It's like when a person is looking for a job, he publishes his job information through several channels, and then calls through several channels to screen which company is suitable for him. In the same way, classify the collected manufacturer information and choose the appropriate manufacturer according to your own situation.

Second, mold manufacturers should conduct on-site inspections before cooperation. For many mold manufacturers, customers may be dazzled by all kinds of propaganda. In fact, the authenticity of the propaganda also needs to be verified. In order to make the mold processing go smoothly, the person in charge should go to the on-site factory to see the production workshop, a real high-level manufacturer They will not be afraid of customer surveys, and they will welcome customers more, so that they can understand the production needs of customers, talk face-to-face with technicians, handle the processing process correctly, reduce trials, reduce production waste, reduce production costs, and save time. 3. Choose a processing factory that truthfully informs the mold delivery time.

Many customers want to complete mold production as quickly as possible, which means shorter lead times for color injection mold makers. But remind you that the delivery time affects the manufacturing cost, and the increase in manufacturing cost will directly bring pressure to the enterprise. If a processing factory tells you that processing can be done quickly, but how much the cost will increase, then think clearly, a reliable manufacturer will actually tell the processing cycle plan truthfully, and will not deceive customers.

Generally speaking, if the mold processing is completed in a short period of time, it will definitely increase the investment in manpower, material resources, and financial resources, resulting in an increase in production costs. If it is completed according to the normal cycle, the manufacturing cost will not be high in the short term. Therefore, when choosing a mold manufacturer, we should be optimistic about the sincerity of the manufacturer, be full of sincerity, and effectively save costs for ourselves. Like Caddy, it will give customers a variety of options.

If the injection mold manufacturer chooses well, it can serve itself better. I hope the introduction of the above three points can bring you inspiration. Of course, this is only part of the advice.

Well, if you need to design molds, you should collect as much information from the manufacturer as possible, find a strong manufacturer, and then conduct an investigation to confirm the sincerity of the manufacturer, so that you can really cooperate with the manufacturer who is satisfied with the quality and service.

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