What safety issues and matters should be paid attention to in the process of plastic mold processing?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

What safety issues and matters need to be paid attention to during the processing of plastic molds? The safety issue of plastic mold processing has always been a production issue that enterprises pay more attention to. The following injection mold manufacturers will talk about what safety issues and matters need to be paid attention to in the process of plastic mold processing? Milling machines play a very important role in the processing of spare parts. Many spare parts need to be processed by milling machines. Drilling, gong grooves, corner cleaning, boring, and opening can all be realized by milling machines. Milling machine operators frequently process these steel materials, and safety issues are especially important. First of all, in the process of plastic mold processing and production, it is strictly required that the staff wear labor protection shoes to prevent the steel from falling off and hurting the feet, and effectively protect the staff's feet. The working principle of the milling machine is to use the tool to rotate the It is strictly forbidden for the operator to wear gloves during the operation of the milling machine. The gloves are made of cloth, and the tool is rotating, so it is easy to stir in the hand, which will cause serious injury to the operator. In reality, some operators do not Strictly abide by the operating system, resulting in a serious accident where the fingers were stirred, a bloody lesson. During the cutting process of steel material, the tool will generate a lot of heat energy when working on the steel material, and the temperature of the falling iron filings is very high. Milling machine operators should wear long-sleeved work clothes and take protective measures to avoid being burned by iron filings. If you are accidentally burned, please apply scald ointment in time to avoid wound infection. In severe cases, seek medical attention immediately.

1. The cleaning thimble of the mold during plastic mold processing The service life of the cleaning thimble of the mold is one year. If it exceeds the one-year cycle, the thimble will become dirty on the surface due to gas accumulation and mold impurities. It is recommended to clean it in time. After cleaning, we will In order to avoid friction between the thimbles, it is recommended to coat the surface with a layer of lubricating oil for isolation. 2. Mold molding cycle during plastic mold processing This cycle includes injection molding time and product cooling time. How to control the production time of these two modules is particularly important, which is directly related to the quality of the product. 3. The speed of plastic injection during plastic mold processing Because plastic mold is simply to inject rubber into the mold, the speed of injection of rubber is particularly important. Whether the injection speed is fast or slow directly affects the product after molding. shape.

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