What should be paid attention to in the early stage of injection mold products?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

If the product of injection mold is not thoughtful in the design process, many abnormalities will occur, so how to avoid these abnormalities? Today, injection mold processing manufacturers will take you to discuss what should be paid attention to in the early stage of injection mold products? 1. The shape and wall thickness of the injection molding product should be considered, the material flow is smooth, the cavity is filled, and sharp corners and gaps are avoided as much as possible. 2. The demoulding slope should be as large as possible on an allowable basis. 3. The section of the pouring system should be large.

4. When setting the feed port, consideration should be given to preventing insufficient filling and deformation in different directions. 5. The mold cavity has sufficient rigidity and strength. 6. The mold should be hardened and polished, and wear-resistant steel should be selected.

7. The ejector mechanism should be uniform and powerful, easy to change. In addition to the things that should be paid attention to in the design of the mold, it is also necessary to choose the machine that matches the product, master the characteristics of the product material, and use the good experience in the past to refer to the characteristics of the customer's product to bring out an excellent product. In general, mold injection molding needs to produce a good product, first of all, it must be well designed and thoughtful, and then in the injection molding workshop, it must be debugged strictly according to the operation process and product characteristics, so that a good product can be produced! .

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