What should be paid attention to when using CNC machining center?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

What do you need to pay attention to when using cnc machining centers in daily production? Then let me briefly explain it to you. 1. Use air blowing as much as possible in the roughing program, and use oil spray in the light knife program. 2. Before light knife oil injection, the aluminum slag in the equipment must be cleaned to prevent the aluminum slag from sticking.

3. During the automatic operation of the equipment, the user is not allowed to leave the equipment or check the operation of the equipment on time. If it is necessary to leave during the period, the relevant personnel must be designated to replace it. 4. If the processing allowance is too high during the production process, you need to use "single block" or "pause" to clear the X, Y, and Z values, then manually mill them off and then return to "zero point" to let it run automatically . 5. If a knife collision is found during the production process, the user must stop immediately, such as pressing the "emergency pause" button or the "reset button" button or adjusting the "feed rate" to zero, etc.

6. It is strictly forbidden to open the door during the operation of the equipment to avoid flying knives or workpieces. 7. After the workpiece is off the machine, it needs to be cleaned and deburred in time. 8. When off duty, the user must do a good job in timely personnel handover to ensure that subsequent processing can be carried out normally. 9. Before shutting down, ensure that the tool magazine is at the initial position, and the XYZ axis is stopped at the center position, and turn off the power on the equipment operation panel and main switch.

10. When encountering thunderstorm weather, be sure to immediately disconnect the power supply and suspend work.

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