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What is an injection mold? In short, injection molds are tools for producing plastic products, mainly for mass production. Injection molds can provide plastic products with complete structures and accurate dimensions conveniently and quickly. 1. Types of injection molds Due to the large amount of injection molds used and the different application fields, the classification is more complicated.

According to the molding characteristics, it can be divided into thermosetting injection mold and thermoplastic injection mold. According to the molding process, it can be divided into plastic transfer mold, blow mold, casting mold, thermoforming mold, hot compression mold and injection mold. Second, the application of injection molds Most plastic products are produced by plastic molds.

For many companies, injection molds are essential equipment for the production of various plastic products. Products produced with plastic molds have the advantages of light weight, high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good insulation, easy coloring, easy molding, and low cost. So it has been widely used and won people's love and favor.

Today, these plastic products have entered people's lives and are inseparable from people's production and life. With the rapid development of the plastics industry, plastic products have been greatly promoted and applied in industrial sectors such as aviation, electronics, machinery, automobiles, and daily life. It can be said that plastic parts have penetrated into various sectors of the national economy, the trend of plasticization of parts has been continuously strengthened, and all-plastic products have appeared one after another, and have become substitutes for metal products in many ways.

Plastic molds have great advantages in improving productivity, ensuring product quality, reducing costs and labor intensity. 3. High-tech mold manufacturer Shanghai Xingye Plastic Mold Factory in Guangdong Province is a Hong Kong-funded enterprise with many years of experience in mold design, development and processing. The company was established in Hong Kong in 1988 and moved to the mainland in 1991. It now covers an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters, the monthly production of molds can reach between 30 and 50 sets. It belongs to a medium-sized mold company. It has various types of mold processing equipment including high-speed machining centers, and a complete management system. It mainly produces various types of plastic molds. In the design and manufacture We have rich experience in the field. The main mold products of our company include: Electronics: VCD, DVD player casings; automobile, portable, and table-type audio casings; remote controls, etc. Household appliances: juicer, coffee machine, paper shredder, socket, CD case, video tape and box, etc.

Others: Thin plastic high-speed injection molding supplies for medical use, water pipe joints, two-color molds, etc. At present, some mold factories in the market are not very large in scale, and the quality of their finished products cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, most customers cannot distinguish between good and bad molds, and the phenomenon of price comparison occurs frequently, which leads to the production of low-end molds.

After purchasing molds for a period of time, many customers may find that they have quality problems, but manufacturers are not willing to provide maintenance services or refunds, and the market environment needs to be improved. Shanghai Xingye Plastic Mold Factory has an independent engineering department with rich experience in mold design and mold safety structure analysis. It has a complete software system, and the applied software includes MASTER CAM, AUTO CAD, PRO-ENG, UG, etc. etc., can vigorously assist customers to comprehensively solve technical problems, minimize product design errors or defects before production, and provide customers with improvement suggestions and appropriate improvement plans before confirmation. For more information about injection molds, please visit the official website of Xingye:

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