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Blow molding is a common method for manufacturing hollow plastic products. The hot melt billet closed in the mold is blown by gas pressure to form hollow products. The product with complex undulating curve can be shaped and can be filled with foam. Most widely used in water bottles, oil drums, etc.

Mulan supplies many kinds of blow molding products for customers and participates in the research and development of products for customers. In many cases, a key requirement for blow molding products is the surface finish. Mulan uses high quality die steel, after long time polishing, we can get a good surface.

Mulan has advanced CNC machining equipment and a highly efficient engineering team, which gives us a very good platform to create low-cost, high-quality blow molding molds.

Mulan’s products are widely used in children’s toys, daily necessities, food packaging, chemicals and cosmetics.

Compared with rotational mould, blow mould has lower cost, faster production and the waste materials can be recycled. But the volume of the product is limited by the size of the equipment, usually using blow moulds for mass production of hollow, complex structure of the product.

But blow molding can not well control the uniform wall thickness is a real problem. While forming in the cavity, high pressure does not allow the material to expand evenly into the mold, especially in the corners. If wall thickness is a critical requirement, we will recommend you to use the rotational molding process.

Blow molding size range

Wall-Thickness: 0.1mm ~ 8.0mm
Product Size Range: 10mm ~ 1,500mm
Product Weight Range: 0.05kg ~ 50.00kg

If you need Chinese plastic blow molding products, please send your design, mullan will reply you the best price within 24 hours. [email protected]


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