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We specialize in customized plastic Insert injection molding products, one-stop service, precision machining metal parts.

  • Colors: Customized
  • Design: Customized
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    Insert molding refers to the molding process in which the molds are prepared for the loading of different materials insert after injection of resin, molten materials and insert joint, all into an integrated product.

    The insert molding is divided into:

    1. metal insert injection  molding

    2.plastic insert injection molding

    Plastic insert molding is mulan a major manufacturing operations, 20 years of experience in injection molding, our production and research and development a lot of plastic insert molding products, involving industry of household hardware, industrial parts, auto parts, and some electronic products, accessories, etc.Plastic insert molding is a complicated process, mold temperature control, the liquidity of plastic material, with high precision, low production efficiency and positioning, mould factors, cost will be increased significantly.But to need the metal Mosaic to plastic products, plastic insert molding is the best mode of production.

    1. Material selection of metal inserts.

    The material of metal inserts plays an important role in the quality of products.

    A. The thermal deformation temperature of the metal material is lower than that of the mold.

    B. Metal materials have better compatibility with plastic materials.

    C. metal materials should not affect the fluidity of plastic materials

    2. Metal material processing and design.

    A. Metal Mosaic parts need to be processed with high precision to prevent metal leakage.

    B. Metal inserts require some special design to enhance solidity and plastic flow molding.

    Mulan’s extensive manufacturing experience and one-stop service can help customers choose more reasonable metal materials, including precision machining, surface treatment and so on.Submit a higher quality of the plastic insert molding products.

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