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How does precision injection molding work?

January 28, 2023

Injection precision machining is a knowledgeable, technical and practical industry. Injection molding precision processing production process needs to use plastic raw materials, color powder, water mouth material, mold, injection molding machine, peripheral equipment, tooling fixtures, sprays, various auxiliary materials and packaging materials, etc., which brings a lot of workload and certain difficulty to the management of the injection molding workshop, compared with other industries or departments, the requirements for all levels of management personnel in the injection molding workshop are higher, so how does injection precision processing production work?

Injection molding precision processing production requires 24-hour continuous operation, generally in two shifts, injection molding workshop has many jobs, complex division of responsibilities, and different skill requirements for personnel in different positions. In order to make the production operation of the injection molding workshop smooth, it is necessary to manage the personnel, materials, equipment, tools, etc. involved in each link and each position, mainly including: raw material room, crushing room, batching room, production site, post-processing area, tool room, semi-finished product area, office and other areas of operation and coordination management.

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