Injection Molding Parts

PC has also become polycarbonate, which has good mechanical properties and impact resistance, and can even resist the damage of bullets. By adding glass fibers, minerals, chemical flame retardants, other plastics and other components, the application performance of PC materials can be effectively changed. , to meet the functional requirements of different products.

PC injection molding parts have the characteristics of high mechanical strength, good electrical insulation, stable molding dimensions and high transparency, and are widely used in military industry, electrical products, instrument shells, electronic accessories and other industries.

However, in the process of PC injection molding, the fluidity is poor, and it needs to rely on high temperature for rapid injection into the mold, reducing the residence time of the product in the mold, preventing the material from turning yellow and affecting the transparency.

At Mulan MFG, we have a professional PC injection molding part production line, our injection molding expert team has rich experience in custom pc parts manufacturing, and can actively help customers to design product structure and manufacturability reports reasonably, and ensure on-time delivery of high-quality injection molding products , to meet the requirements of various industries for PC injection molding parts.

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