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Nylon Glass Fiber Products - 3

Nylon glass fiber products, its strength, hardness, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, degeneration resistance, etc. have been greatly improved, but also greatly reduce the water absorption and shrinkage of raw materials, with excellent dimensional stability and excellent mechanical strength. Widely used in automobiles, electrical appliances, railways, machinery and other fields, Jingcheng industrial control nylon glass fiber products cover machine tools, household appliances, 5G stations, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic control, Medical testing and other industry products.

Nylon Glass Fiber Products - 4

In the actual production process, the size of glass fiber reinforced nylon injection molded products changes during water absorption; Brittleness caused by incomplete water absorption; It is easy to have poor surface appearance, mainly glass fiber exposed, burnt, flower, dent, silver grain, ripple, overflower, etc. Jingcheng Industrial Control adopts Japanese Matsui centralized feeding system, and the whole process of drying and feeding is carried out in a closed environment; Reduce moisture absorption problems caused by contact with air during feeding; Cross-contamination of fine particles of different raw materials on site. Solve the problem of molding processing, the residual moisture in the raw material causes vaporization into water vapor, and crosslinks or degradation with other volatile low molecular weight compounds; It is manifested in the inside or surface of the part, forming silver wires, markings, bubbles, pockmarks, impurity markings (dots), brittle cracks and other defects.

Mold temperature is the most basic parameter in the injection molding process and is particularly important for glass fiber reinforced modified nylon. Sincerely committed to combining mold temperature control from mold cooling (heating) system design to production process; According to the structural characteristics of the product, determine the temperature difference between fixed mold and moving mold, mold core and mold wall, mold wall and insert; Effectively solve the exposed glass fiber, glass fiber silver grain, joint seam, corrugation (material streamline), overflow, warping deformation, molding of slender thin-walled parts. Make the surface of the part smooth and shiny, and improve the surface and beauty of the part It also improves the strength and appearance of the fusion line.

The reasonable opening of the exhaust groove and the maintenance and cleaning during the production process, for the mold of glass fiber reinforced modified nylon products with complex geometry, is an effective method to solve the defects such as insufficient filling, compressed air burns, internal stress of the product, surface streamline and fusion line. The location, size, structure, addition of suction channels and special exhaust steel of the exhaust tank use, etc.; These are all ways of studying and widely used in good faith.

Nylon is a strong hygroscopic material, and only after sufficient moisture absorption can the parts achieve the corresponding physical properties; Its size will be relatively stable. For this characteristic that size increases with increasing water absorption, we achieve this balance through active humidity control and inventory time management. For critical dimensions, the mold size is corrected by means of dimensional data from the moisture absorption balance point.

We can provide a full range of solutions. The company has genuine Moldflow molding simulation analysis software; The product and mold design adopts software for mold flow analysis, considering the filling analysis, welding line, trapping, shrinkage marks, and glue feeding methods in advance, including the setting suggestions of injection molding parameters, providing professional analysis for the design and manufacture of products and molds and subsequent injection molding processes. Standard injection molding process; Regular maintenance of mold production process; Mass production quality analysis meeting; Ensure stable quality and continuous improvement of products.

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Frequently Asked Questions about plastic molding companies


Is blow moulding expensive?        


Blow molding will be more cost-effective than injection and rotational molding. Generally speaking, the production cost of a product needs to refer to several factors, such as part structure design, product quantity, product material selection, and product application functionality. After a comprehensive analysis, we choose the most reasonable cost manufacturing process. Blow molding materials are relatively small, but for hollow structure parts, the structure is not complicated. When mass production is required, blow molding must be cheaper and more efficient than other plastic molding processes.


What are the disadvantages of blow moulding?        


Blow molding has many limitations due to the molding principle, so there are a few points that should be paid attention to when designing blow molding products: ● Only limited to hollow structural parts. ● The wall thickness is thin and the strength is low. ● By adding other materials in the multilayer part, the effect of blocking sound and heat sources is increased. (So not recyclable) ● A second trimming is required to remove burrs and excess material. ● Only for thermoplastics


What is the Difference Between Blow Molding and Injection Molding?        


The main difference between injection molding and blow molding is the types of products that can be produced. Generally, blow molding is the manufacture of hollow containers, such as bottles, pots, barrels and so on. There is no injection port on the surface, Injection molding is used to produce solid parts. The plastic granular material is first melted, and then injected into a closed mold under high pressure for shaping. There will be traces of the injection port on the surface.


Where is blow moulding used?        


Blow molding is widely used in the production of hollow structure products, such as: water bottles, oil drums, chemical turnover barrels, floats, medical reagent bottles, etc. Injection blow molding is suitable for small container production, and stretch blow molding is suitable for medium and large-volume container products. However, the surface effect of injection blow molded products is better than stretch blow molding, and can be highly transparent and flat. Drinking water bottles are the most typical injection blow molding.

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