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Blow molding factory shares the control of blow molding deformation Deformation of blow molded products means that the external shape deviates from the shape of the mold cavity, either convex or concave, or longitudinal or radial, or partial shape deviation. blow molding factory According to the degree of deformation and the excellent degree of performance as one of the important indicators for evaluating product quality. Of course, the deformation of blow molded products also has a great relationship with the production cost. blow molding factory For the control of deformation of blow molded products, it is far from enough to solve it only by adjusting the process parameters. It also involves the thermophysical properties of plastic materials and the conditions and parameters of the blow molding process, which must be considered comprehensively and resolved reasonably. 1. Influence of material thermophysical properties blow molding factory In the process of processing, there are three points to sum up: use cyanide pigments carefully; primary color blow molding products are not easy to deform, which can improve product quality and output; use plastics with low melting point and good fluidity. 2. Wall thickness difference and cooling blow molding factory Great attention is paid to the structural design, which will directly affect the wall thickness gap and cooling of the product. The wall thickness gap is large, resulting in a large gap in cooling rate and deformation. Usually, the wall thickness is small where the transition part of the product structure changes suddenly, and vice versa, the wall thickness is large. Therefore, the structural transition part of the blow molded product needs a smooth transition, and no sharp corners or sharp edges are allowed. If there is a large difference in wall thickness due to the special structure of the product, the cooling should be strengthened at the thick wall, and the cooling circuit of the mold should be set according to the cooling requirements; The bigger it is, the easier it is to deform. 3. Blow molding factory Influence of molding process (1) Extruder barrel temperature, head temperature, and mold temperature should not be too high. High temperature will cause slow cooling of blow molded products and easy deformation; (2) Insufficient cooling time for molding, resulting in cooling of blow molded products after ejection Uneven and deformed. (3) Blow molding factory According to the shape of the product, the servo wall thickness curve is finely adjusted to make the wall thickness of the product as uniform as possible. (4) Use a chiller to supply water to the mold for circulating cooling to improve the cooling effect. (5) Improper adjustment of the mold opening stroke parameters will cause the product to be deformed when the mold is opened. Collection and compilation of network graphics and texts for learning reference Proficient in Mold | Blow Molding Products | Blow Molding Products Factory started in 1998 and is trustworthy.

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