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Common product problems of blow molding product manufacturers


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The blow molding products produced by the blow molding products processing factory are a manufacturing process in which molten plastic is extruded into a tube shape, and then the plastic is extruded into the required shape in the mold by air pressure. The common defects of blow molded products are as follows: Uneven wall thickness: The uneven wall thickness of blow molded products is caused by the uneven force of the molten plastic during extrusion. This can result in insufficient local strength or excessive bulkiness of the product. Bubbles: Bubbles may form in blow molded products due to gas being mixed into the plastic during extrusion. Bubbles can affect the strength and appearance of the article. Unsmooth surface: The surface of blow molded products may appear unsmooth, which may be caused by uneven mold surface or uneven blowing. Brittleness: Blow molded products may be brittle during use, which may be caused by impurities contained in the plastic, excessive stretching or excessive cooling during processing. Air Leakage: Air leakage can occur in blow molded products, which is caused by air holes or joint problems in the product. This affects the function and service life of the article. The above are some common defects of blow molded products in blow molded products processing plants. It is necessary to strictly control various factors in the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of products. .

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