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There are many types of hollow blow molding design products, and it is difficult for blow molding product processing plants to form a unified quality standard when implementing operations. The hollow blow molding processing design should have good compression and impact resistance, and at the same time, the wall thickness should be kept uniform when loading certain products, and the phenomenon of uneven thickness should not occur. Product quality defects will also appear during hollow blow molding operations, which affect product production. Blow molding product processing plants need relevant personnel to take effective measures to control them during specific operations. What is the process of extrusion blow molding device in blow molding products processing plant? The thermoplastic resin is heated by an extruder, and the molten tubular parison is extruded under a certain temperature and pressure; the molten tubular parison is placed in a mold of a certain shape, and the mold is closed for processing and transformation; the product in the mold is under a certain pressure. After the mold is quickly closed, insert the blow valve nozzle immediately, and put a certain pressure in it to compress the air; let the product in the mold complete the cooling and shaping under the action of pressure. What are the requirements for the control requirements of the molding process in blow molding products processing plants? If you want to make a good quality hollow product, you must not only process it according to the standard standard, but also need to consider the interaction between various factors after the blow molding product processing factory makes it. 1) Choose resin scientifically. The thermoplastic values ​​used for hollow blow molding have lower density polyethylene and higher density polyolefin, etc. Among these values, the most widely used is polyethylene resin, which is especially suitable for the production of small-scale product blow molding. When choosing a resin, the moldability, processing fluidity and sensitivity of the resin should be considered. Molding with good fluidity will be easier. 2) Strengthen the control of processing temperature. In the process of blow molding operation, it is necessary to focus on strengthening the temperature control of each link. Strengthen the control of barrel temperature. Strictly control the dissolution and processing temperature of various materials, for example, the processing temperature of polyethylene needs to be controlled between 160 and 190 °C. Strengthen the control of the temperature of the head and the die, which directly affects the quality of the extruded molten parison. During the specific implementation, the temperature of the head and the die needs to be controlled between 5 and 10 °C. Strengthen the control of molding mold temperature. The internal temperature of the forming mold should be kept in the same state as the temperature of each department in the cavity, and local overheating or overcooling cannot occur. When the mold temperature is high, the surface temperature and gloss of the blown product are good, and the blown part will become thinner. Enhanced control over extrusion speed and parison. Extrusion speed is more related to barrel and head heating temperature, Blow molding products processing plants not only need to extrude smooth parisons during operation, but also need to ensure that the extruded parisons will not bear more load. For more industry information, please pay attention to Ningbo Jingtong Mold Proficient in moulds|Blow molding products processing factory| Since 1998, it is trustworthy.

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