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Blow molding products processing plant Other blow molding technology


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

3D blow molding Blow molding products processing plant Three-dimensional blow molding is a method of using the traction of the parison or the relative movement of the parison extrusion die and the blow mold to move the extruded parison along the curved cavity, and then close the mold and blow molding to produce a curved tube. The parison extruded from the die falls into the cavity with the help of the plane movement of the blow mold. The curved tube made by this method has no blank cutout, and the shape of the tube is L-shaped, S-shaped, U-shaped, etc. Compression blow molding Compression blow molding refers to a blow molding method in which a part of the double wall is pressed and fused in double wall panel molding. This method can be used to make double-wall panels, bumpers, bags, etc. When forming a double-wall plate, the end of the parison extruded from the die is clamped and sealed, and then inflated with compressed air, and then the mold cavity is close (half-closed), so that both sides are in contact with the cavity and stretching; finally, the left and right molds are completely closed, and the double-walled parts (except the hollow part) are pressurized and dry-bonded together, and after cooling and shaping, the product can be taken out. Dip Blow Molding Dip blow molding is to dip the dip mandrel into the melt to form a bottleneck. The equipment cost of this method is low, the bottleneck thread is accurate, and the product has no mold marks, but the limitation of this method is relatively large. foam blow molding Blow molding products processing plant Foam blow molding can be used to form toys, double-wall boxes, auto parts and bottles, etc. Commonly used chemical foaming agents are exothermic and endothermic, and the latter is more successfully used in foam blow molding. The endothermic foaming agent can be well dispersed in the melt to form a dense and uniform microporous structure, which can improve the physical properties of the product. However, when the parison melt is inflated, weak points and holes may be formed, and its porous structure will greatly reduce the elongation performance of the product, which can be overcome by co-extrusion blow molding foaming. For more processing technology of blow molding products, please pay attention to Ningbo Proficient Mold Proficient in moulds|blow molding products processing factory|started in 1998, trustworthy.

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