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HDPE material selection for hollow blow molding manufacturers


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Most of the extrusion blow molding products commonly used by hollow blow molding manufacturers are blow molded by HDPE plastics. Therefore, the formulation and modification technology of extrusion blow molding products are basically carried out around HDPE plastics. Of course, The blow molding of some engineering plastics is related to the formulation and modification of the plastic. HDPE is usually used as the main raw material for making large and medium-sized blow molding containers. In most cases, Hollow blow molding manufacturers generally only need to use one or two types of plastic raw materials for a specific large and medium-sized extrusion blow molding product, and can achieve a relatively good quality level. In recent years, the general rise of crude oil prices has led to a sharp rise in the price of plastic raw materials. At the same time, because there are not too many brands of plastic raw materials that can be used for large, medium and super large hollow blow molding products, it has also led to a decline in this field. The development and progress of plastic raw material formulation technology. It is expected that in the foreseeable next few years, the raw material formula technology in this field will develop rapidly, and the raw material formula suitable for various special purposes will be valued and developed by large and medium-sized hollow blow molding manufacturers. At the same time, this field will try its best to reduce the comprehensive cost and production cost of plastic raw materials on the basis of ensuring the quality of products. Therefore, the design of extrusion blow molding raw material formula will become more important; at the same time, the application of plastic formula and modification technology will be more valued by various hollow blow molding manufacturers. HDPE The performance of the material mainly depends on three factors: its density, relative molecular mass and relative molecular mass distribution. The greater the density, the higher the rigidity and hardness of the product, the stronger the chemical corrosion resistance; the higher the relative molecular mass, the slower the polymer flow, the better the toughness and environmental stress cracking resistance; the width of the relative molecular mass distribution is Will directly affect the speed of polymer flow. In addition, the large changes in physical and mechanical properties of HDPE plastic materials during high-speed extrusion blow molding processing are worthy of attention, especially in recent years. The large-scale operation of high-speed extrusion blow molding production lines of hollow blow molding manufacturers has brought many new technical issues . Some commonly used grades of HDPE have excellent physical and mechanical properties in ordinary extrusion blow molding machine production lines. When hollow blow molding manufacturers enter high-speed blow molding production lines for processing, the mechanical properties and environmental stress resistance parameters of the products produced often have large differences. Changes, some important mechanical parameters have a tendency to deteriorate, which affects the normal performance of the product. The deterioration of these performances may be due to the comprehensive influence of the extrusion plasticization system of the high-speed blow molding machine, the head and the blow molding process. factors. Proficient in molds | Hollow blow molding manufacturers | Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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