How to choose a gantry machining center (gantry milling machine)?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

1. Selection of objects to be processed Before determining the object to be purchased, the object to be processed must first be clearly defined. Generally speaking, parts with the following characteristics are suitable for processing in machining centers: Multi-process intensive workpieces refer to the need to use many tools for processing on one workpiece. Repetitive production-type workpieces are suitable for processing single-piece and small-batch production.

Small batch refers to 1-100 pieces, the quantity of each batch is not large, but repeated production is required. In addition, even if the shape and size of the workpieces are different, but they are similar workpieces, it is easy to realize the parts of the group processing process. Complicated shape parts molds, aviation parts and other complex shape workpieces can process various special-shaped parts on the machining center with the help of automatic programming technology.

2. Selection of machine tool specifications According to the determined size of the workpiece to be processed, the table size of the required machine tool and the strokes of the three linear coordinate systems are determined accordingly. Metal processing WeChat, the content is good, it is worth paying attention to. The size of the worktable should ensure that the workpiece can be clamped smoothly on it, and the processing size must be within the stroke of each coordinate. In addition, the limitations of the tool change space and the interference area of ​​each coordinate should also be considered.

3. Selection of machine tool accuracy The user selects a machine tool with the corresponding accuracy level according to the machining accuracy requirements of the workpiece. For mass-produced parts, the actual processed accuracy value may be 1.5-2 times the positioning accuracy. Ordinary machine tools batch process 8-level precision workpieces, and precision machine tools can reach 5-6 level, but they must have constant temperature and other process conditions, so precision machine tools are strictly used and expensive. 4. Selection of tool magazine capacity Machining center manufacturers usually set up 2-3 different capacity tool magazines for the same specification of machine tools. When selecting, users can determine the tool magazine according to the process analysis results of the processed workpiece The required quantity usually determines the capacity of the tool magazine by the number of tools required for a part in one clamping, because when changing another part for machining, the tools need to be rearranged, otherwise tool management is complicated and error-prone.

5. Selection of machine tool selection functions and accessories When selecting a machining center (gantry milling machine), in addition to basic functions and basic parts, there are also functions and accessories that users can choose according to their own requirements, which are called selection functions and selection accessories. Metal processing WeChat, the content is good, it is worth paying attention to. With the development of numerical control technology, there are more and more options to choose from, and the proportion of its composition price in the main engine is also increasing. Therefore, it is not economical to choose a large number of accessories without a clear purpose. Ordering ideas is essentially a waste.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a comprehensive analysis when selecting and ordering, and to properly consider long-term factors. The selection function is mainly for the CNC system, which does not increase the price much, but it should be properly configured for the functions that bring many conveniences to use, and for the accessories that can be shared by multiple machine tools, one machine can be used for multiple purposes. But it has to be considered that the interface is generic.

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