How to choose cutting tools reasonably for CNC machining center?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

When selecting tools for CNC machining centers, the correct selection of tools and tool holders should be based on the processing capacity of the machining center machine tool, the performance of the workpiece material, the processing procedure, the cutting amount and other related factors. The general principle of CNC machining center tool selection is: easy installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high durability and precision. Under the premise of meeting the processing requirements, try to choose a shorter tool holder to improve the rigidity of tool processing.

When selecting a tool for a CNC machining center, the size of the tool must be adapted to the surface size of the workpiece to be processed. The common forms of machining tool selection are as follows: 1. Use the CNC machining center to process the peripheral contour of the plane part, often using vertical Milling cutter; 2. When using a CNC machining center for milling planes, you should choose a carbide blade milling cutter; 3. When using a CNC machining center to process bosses and grooves, choose a high-speed steel end mill; 4. Use CNC machining When the center is processing the surface of the blank or the rough machining hole, you can choose the corn milling cutter with cemented carbide blade; 5. Use the CNC machining center to process the three-dimensional surface and the contour shape of the variable angle, often using the ball end milling cutter, ring Milling cutters, conical milling cutters and disc milling cutters. When using a CNC machining center for free-form surface machining, since the cutting speed at the end of the ball head tool is zero, in order to ensure machining accuracy, the cutting line spacing is generally very dense, so the ball head is often used for surface finishing. The flat-end cutter is superior to the ball-end cutter in terms of surface processing quality and cutting efficiency. Therefore, as long as the non-cutting is guaranteed, the flat-end cutter should be preferred for rough machining or finishing of curved surfaces.

It is worth mentioning that the durability and precision of CNC machining center tools have a great relationship with the price of tools! It must be noted that in most cases, although the choice of a good tool increases the cost of the tool, the resulting processing quality and processing efficiency are greatly improved, which can greatly reduce the overall processing cost.

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