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Talking about how to solve the appearance defects encountered in the production of hollow blow molding factory Hollow blow molding is one of the most common plastic molding methods, such as plastic bottles, plastic trays, hardware kits that are common in our lives, and even parent-child hand-operated boats for summer water fun, are all made of hollow blow molding technology. into. This fastest growing method of plastic molding has become part of our lives. It is precisely because these products can be seen everywhere that the hollow blow molding factory pays special attention to the appearance of the products. However, in the process of production, due to various reasons, there will be various defects in the appearance of the product, such as black spots, black lines, horizontal streaks, vertical streaks, etc. These defects seriously affect the appearance quality of blow molded products. Let’s talk today, how do hollow blow molding factories solve these situations in the production process? black dots, black lines Hollow Blow Molding Plant Common product appearance defects in production are black spots and black lines. The reasons for such defects mainly include the following three points: 1. Improper temperature setting and carbonization of raw materials 2. The carbide accumulated in the accumulator or the flow channel of the machine head is carried out. 3. There are foreign objects in the raw material. So how do hollow blow molding factories encounter such problems? ▷Properly reduce the processing temperature to reduce carbonization of raw materials. ▷Clean the runner system and keep the accumulator and the nozzle runner clean. In addition, reducing the injection pressure appropriately can also improve. ▷At the beginning of production, first purify raw materials. Clean up the filter plate, magnetic frame and other places that will affect the cleanliness of raw materials in time. horizontal streaks, vertical streaks Hollow Blow Molding Plant Another type of appearance defect encountered in production is streaks. The answer to this kind of question can be found in the following three reasons. 1. When the parison is extruded, resistance is encountered, such as excessive injection pressure, inaccurate tracking of wall thickness by the wall thickness controller, rough die, etc. 2. There are foreign objects in the die, accumulator or machine head 3. There are burrs or gaps on the edge of the mold sleeve or core. Solution: ▷ Properly reduce the injection pressure. ▷Check the wall thickness controller, or repair or reset the wall thickness of the finalized blank, so as to slow down the fluctuation of wall thickness. ▷Clean the accumulator and machine head. ▷Clean, polish the die, correct the core and mold sleeve, and pay more attention to protection during normal use or cleaning to avoid damage. Regarding the common appearance problems in the production of hollow blow molding plants, let's talk about these first today. Due to the environment, temperature, equipment and operation process, what problems will the hollow blow molding factory encounter? How to solve it? come back next week Proficient in mold| Blow molding products|Hollow blow molding manufacturers started in 1998 and are trustworthy.

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