Inclined top mechanism for injection mold manufacturing and processing


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In the manufacturing process of injection molds, if there are products with undercuts, they can be demoulded by using the inclined top mechanism. The purpose of the inclined top mechanism is similar to that of the slider mechanism in the injection mold manufacturing process, because the ejection direction of the injection molded product is determined by the ejection of the push plate of the injection molding machine, and there is only one ejection direction. When the product has protrusions, holes, and grooves, these places are inconsistent with the demoulding direction, and buckles will be formed.

At this time, it is necessary to add a demoulding mechanism in other places to make the reverse buckle demould. Considering the cost, the ease of manufacturing and processing of injection molds, and the efficiency of use, and if the injection mold can be used as a slider and an inclined top mechanism, if it is an inner undercut, the inclined top mechanism is preferred, and the outer undercut is preferred. It is preferred to use the slider mechanism to demould. The advantages of injection mold manufacturing and processing inclined roof: simple structure, convenient manufacturing and processing, low cost, small occupied space, etc.

Disadvantages: Compared with other structures, the stability and strength are poor, easy to damage, and the ejection stroke is small. One of the main forms of demoulding is the use of inclined roofs for undercutting in injection molds. Many complex structures are evolved from inclined roofs, such as: front mold inclined roofs, delayed inclined roofs, accelerated inclined roofs, and upward slopes of sliders. top etc.

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