Introduction to the exhaust system of the mold during the molding of blow molding products


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Introduction to the exhaust system of the mold during the molding of blow molding products When designing and manufacturing blow molding product molds, in addition to considering the impact of the mold on the performance and efficiency of subsequent product processing and production, the requirements of the product manufacturing process on the mold must also be considered, especially for forming large products, precision Blow molding products and resins that are easy to decompose and generate gas are particularly important. In particular, the exhaust design of the mold cavity of high surface quality blow molding products is particularly important (such as car spoilers, car bumpers, large seats, pure water buckets, high-end packaging bottles, packaging barrels, etc.). If the exhaust design of the blow mold cavity is not good, it may directly affect the molding of blow molding products and the product quality of plastic parts. If the mold cannot remove the air in the cavity as soon as possible during inflation molding, the plastic parison It cannot be inflated as soon as possible, and it cannot be in good contact with the mold cavity after inflation, which will cause uneven wall thickness of the product, defects such as stripes and dents on the surface, text and patterns on the surface, Decorations, etc. will be unclear, affecting The appearance quality of blow molded products. This requires full attention in the design and manufacture of blow molds. When the mold is closed and the parison is inflated, the gas in the mold cavity must be quickly discharged. If the exhaust effect is not good, the gas remaining in the mold cavity will cause stripes, dents, unclear fonts, etc. on the surface of the blown product. Unevenness, even deformation and other defects, the exhaust system can discharge the air in the mold cavity and the gas excluded from the material. During molding, the gas entrained in the material in the feeding system, insufficient drying of the resin, high extrusion temperature and easy decomposition, and volatilization of resin additives will all generate gas. The selection of the exhaust part of the mold cavity of the blow molding product. In general, the exhaust part of the blow molding product mold can be selected when the air is blown. The parts that are most likely to remain, that is, the parts that are blown and molded last, such as the corners of blow molded products, and the parts where air is not easily discharged, need to be determined for specific blow molded products. Proficient in mould|blow molding products| Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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