Keyboard key injection mold design


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The computer keyboard is an important part of the computer. The keyboard is mainly divided into three parts: the upper shell, the lower shell and the keys. The workmanship of the keys affects the quality of the keyboard.

The quality of the workmanship can be distinguished from the appearance, whether the surface, corners and other processing of the keyboard are fine and reasonable. Inferior keyboards have a rough appearance, and the buttons have poor elasticity, which affects the use. How exactly do you make good quality keyboard keys? Of course, it is related to the design of the keyboard key injection mold! The material used for keyboard keys is generally ABS, and its shrinkage rate is 1.005. The keyboard keys are small in size and simple in shape. Ejection mold.

How to release the undercut is a difficult point in the design of the keyboard key injection mold. After analysis, the problem of difficult demoulding under the buckle is solved by adopting the method of secondary ejection. Due to the small space, an elastic straight top is designed for the two undercut positions respectively. The two elastic straight tops are assembled on the bottom ejector plate, and the round ejector pins at the four corners of the plastic part are designed on the upper ejector plate.

After the mold is opened, the top rod of the injection molding machine pushes the lower ejector plate, and the elastic straight top and round ejector pin jointly push the button out of the rear mold core, leaving room for deformation of the undercut position. Continue to push out, the lower thimble plate is limited by the square iron, the lever tilts the upper thimble plate to accelerate the ejection, the round ejector pin separates the ejection of the plastic part from the elastic straight ejector, and the reverse buckle position realizes strong release.

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