Plastic molds save costs by reducing the number of trials


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

After the plastic mold is processed, it is generally not put into production immediately. Before the injection molding of the plastic mold of the new mold, the trial mold is an indispensable link. The quality of the trial mold result will directly affect the success of subsequent mass production no. But the number of trial molds is also related to a certain production cost. What will be the impact of increasing the number of trial molds? If it is found that the product does not meet the requirements after the mold trial, although the process parameters and mold design of the plastic mold can be optimized, the production cost of the plastic mold will also increase at the same time.

If the mold structure is found to be unreasonable after the plastic mold test, the plastic mold needs to be repaired, which will greatly increase the production cost of injection molding. How to reduce the number of plastic mold trials? The number of trials for a set of plastic molds depends on the following points: 1. Whether the customer's product structure is reasonable. 2. Whether the plastic mold structure is reasonable and perfect.

3. Whether the processing technology arrangement of plastic mold parts is reasonable. 4. Whether the quality control of plastic mold processing is appropriate. 5. Whether the mold trial is effective.

6. Whether the mold repair plan is effective. Doing the above 6 points well can greatly reduce the number of plastic mold trials and reduce production costs.

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