Development of Preformed Hollow Blow Molded Products Molding Technology


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[Development of molding technology for preformed hollow blow molding products] hollow extrusion The new technology of blow molding products has developed rapidly in recent years. Among them, new blow molding technologies such as microlayer blow molding technology, double wall blow molding technology, deep drawing blow molding technology, and preformed blow molding technology have been developed in recent years. Come to develop faster, today mainly introduces preforming Some basic conditions and application scope of blow molding technology. 1. Preforming Main features of blow molding technology Preformed hollow Blow molding product molding technology is a new blow molding technology developed in recent years. It is generally used for blow molding of some strange and irregular special-shaped blow molding products and containers (such as some small blow molding for vehicles) products), which are relatively rare in conventional production, so many people will be unfamiliar with this molding method. Preformed hollow blow molding technology is generally used for some automotive plastic special-shaped The production of blow molding products is more. At present, some special-shaped blow molding products with a small amount are usually produced by hand. When blow molding special-shaped products and extruding plastic parisons, the operator uses manual extrusion and stretching. First make a plastic parison that approximates the shape of a special-shaped product, and then manually move the preformed plastic parison to the mold closing position, and perform blow molding after the mold is closed. The production of this manual preforming method has the following characteristics: ① It relies entirely on the manual operation of the operator, which requires quite skilled operation technology, and since the mold closing is entirely dependent on the manual operation of the operator, safety accidents are prone to occur; ② The plasticity of the manual operation of the operator It is relatively large, and can be manually pre-formed according to the shape of the blow-molded product, so as to meet the molding requirements of the product; ③ Since this operation is all manual by the operator, the repeatability is poor, and the stability of the blow-molded product quality is also difficult to secure. In view of the danger and The quality stability of finished blow molding products is poor, and the amount of operator’s injury compensation has risen sharply. In recent years, a fully automatic production line of preformed blow molding machines has been developed. This new molding method and equipment can guarantee operators The safety and stability of blow molded products and the quality of finished products. For some special-shaped blow molded parts that are difficult to form by other blow molding methods, this method may be used for production (Figure 1). 2. Preforming Blow molding product molding process After the plastic parison is extruded, it is preformed in a preforming mold. The preforming mold has the functions of traction, push and pull, etc., and the cylindrical plastic parison is formed into a shape similar to the product. The parison, and then the preforming mold is quickly opened, and the preformed parison is quickly transferred to the forming mold for blow molding. Blow molding products. After the product is inflated, cooled and shaped, the mold is opened; the subsequent process is similar to the ordinary blow molding method. The automatic blow molding production line of preforming hollow blow molding technology is quite different from the conventional blow molding production line, mainly because of the addition of preforming mold stations, and the preforming mold is correspondingly more complicated. The preforming mold needs to be temperature controlled. Ensure the stability of the parison temperature to prevent the parison temperature from cooling down too quickly; some positions of the preforming mold with large deformation may use some movable blocks close to the traction or negative pressure traction, so that the parison can be preformed, The preformed parison is quickly transferred to the position of the forming mold by the manipulator, and the forming mold is quickly closed and blown and cooled. 3. Adopt preforming Blow molding machine characteristics of blow molding technology Due to the use of preformed blow molding technology to form some special shapes Blow molding products are unique, so the production line of preformed hollow blow molding is basically dedicated to special machines. some approximations Blow molding products can use similar blow molding units, just need to replace different preforming molds and forming molds. Therefore, only when one or several similar special blow molding products have a large batch can have better economic benefits; therefore, production lines using this preformed blow molding technology are relatively rare at this stage, and blow molding product manufacturers It must be customized professionally from the blow molding machine equipment manufacturer. Technical information is for reference only Proficient in blow molding|blow molding products|custom hollow blow molding products.

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