Several Driving Methods of Injection Mold Processing


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The driving force of injection mold processing movement (stamping, mold force, material drop hammer weight, extrusion pressure, etc.) is provided by the forming machine tool and equipment through the transmission mechanism. Electromechanical drive: such as stamping machines, friction machines, roll forging machines, etc., are driven by motors and rotary motion, drive the transmission mechanism, and drive the directional movement of the mold through the movement of the sliding mold, and the driving force on the mold, so that the mold can process materials. Electro-hydraulic drive: through the study of injection molding motor technology to drive hydraulic pumps or water pumps to affect hydraulic pressure and water pressure, and through hydraulic transmission and control management systems of different liquids, a certain rated pressure is generated to drive the movement of the mold and parts ( For example, the hydraulic cylinder or piston connected to the movable mold drives the movable mold to perform a directional and translational movement relative to the fixed mold, and then the material can be further compressed, so that the material can be formed into a pneumatically formed part after rapid prototyping; It is mainly used for plastic absorption and blow molding processing, that is, when the mold is in a fixed state, the air pump generates a certain negative pressure to directly suck the plastic sheet on the mold surface to form a part, and blow molding is through The air pump generates a certain pressure of gas, which blows into the cavity of the hot-melt plastic or hot-melt glass blank to make it expand and deform, and attach to the surface of the mold cavity to form a product.

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