The difference between CNC machining and die casting


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Different types of products have different regulations for aluminum shells. The actual situation is mainly reflected in the appearance, specifications, etc., and anyone who has touched the processing of aluminum shells knows that there are two processing techniques in the manufacturing industry, namely CNC processing and die-casting processing. , Aluminum shell processing and other processes. The relevant content is sorted out for you below, let's take a look. The difference between CNC processing and die-casting processing of aluminum shells: different processing methods: CNC machining of aluminum shells refers to the precise numerical control machining of aluminum shells by computers, and the finishing of aluminum shells under the control of computers. Under this processing technology, aluminum The shell can achieve some very special or complex surface treatment, such as bevel cutting, non-penetrating pattern or texture engraving, punching treatment at the bend of the aluminum shell, surface treatment of non-flat plane, etc., all of which can be completed in CNC machining .

Manufacturers with personalized and high requirements for custom processing of aluminum shells generally inevitably apply to this category. Die casting processing is to use the mold cavity to apply high pressure to the molten metal to form a surface effect similar to the mold. During the die casting process, some simple drilling and molding work can be performed, and the cost required for CNC processing is lower. , just cannot carry out very complex surface treatment. The biggest difference between aluminum shell CNC machining and die-casting machining is the processing method.

It can also be seen from the above content that in order to produce and process qualified aluminum shells, it is necessary to select the corresponding processing technology according to its production needs. In addition, we must also consider the production cost. When two processing techniques are feasible, which one is more convenient and beneficial to choose, not which one looks better, after all which one is more beneficial, after all which one It is more suitable for you, after all, this is very important.

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