What are the advantages of custom blow molding products and what should be paid attention to?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Nowadays, many daily necessities used in our daily life are applied to blow molding products. Products made of blow molding materials not only have the excellent performance of traditional rubber in aging resistance and oil resistance, but also have the convenience and processing methods of ordinary plastics. Wide characteristics, so blow molding products have been widely used in daily life. It is precisely because of such a wide range of applications that many manufacturers choose to customize blow molding products. So what are the advantages of custom blow molding products and what should be paid attention to? The following is shared by Proficient Blow Molding: The advantages of being proficient in blow molding over traditional blow molding are: 1. High quality blow mold without weld seam; 2. The thickness distribution of the outer wall is more uniform; 3. The welding seam will not reduce the firmness due to the accumulation or scoring of raw materials; 4. Low flash loss and low regrind; 5. Small extruder, clamping device and grinder reduce capital investment; 6. Reduce the amount of mixing and cooling of raw materials to reduce operating costs; Optimizing the outer wall thickness: In order to improve the uneven thickness of the outer wall at the bend and in case of contact with the front model, Proficient Blow Molding has developed a radial outer wall thickness control system, which can adjust the outer wall thickness of the parison in a radial direction. Continuous co-extrusion and co-extrusion process: Continuous co-extrusion and multi-layer co-extrusion up to 7 layers are special three-dimensional technology. In continuous co-extrusion, also called hard-soft-hard technology, two different raw materials are continuously extruded. Screening raw materials with different durometers, for example, products with soft bottom and rigid mid-section or integrated bottom can be produced. The oil injection pipe can also be produced with the same outer wall structure as the oil tank with 6 or 7 layers of co-extrusion technology. Precautions: 1. When communicating with the customer, the customer or the manufacturer will give corresponding suggestions, such as whether there are requirements for the specific gravity, hardness, color, rebound, feel, elongation of the blow molding material, etc., and according to the environment in which the product is used. Materials are adjusted. 2. Generally speaking, if customers have samples, they should try their best to provide samples, so that manufacturers can test according to the samples. 3. After the manufacturer's proofing is completed, the manufacturer will only proceed with mass production if the test material is successful. 4. Generally speaking, when manufacturers send samples to customers, they will give effective suggestions to customers. In order to ensure that the samples can exert their due characteristics, we hope that all manufacturers can cooperate. Proficient in blow molding, focusing on mold opening and customization of blow molding products, with a complete set of precision processing equipment, a high-level technical team, and the introduction of genuine design software to meet the needs of high-quality customization of different blow molding parts. It has its own mold opening production line, strong mold design and development capabilities, blow molding and injection molding can be customized, and there are thousands of existing molds, which can meet the needs of mold opening and customization in various fields. The technical team has successfully served tools/amusement/agricultural machinery/children's products/electrical appliances/medical and other fields, with more than 10,000 successful cases and trustworthy.

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