What are the classifications of injection molds?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Commonly used injection molds include double-plate molds, three-plate molds, hot runner molds, and right-angle injection molds. 1. Double-plate mold Double-plate mold, also known as single-parting surface injection mold, is the simplest and most basic type of mold structure. Its application and development are very extensive. According to the product quality requirements of enterprises, we can design single-cavity molds or multi-cavity molds. cavity mold. 2. Three-plate mold The three-plate mold is a double parting surface injection mold, which is different from a single parting surface injection mold.

In the fixed mold part, the three-plate mold of the mold is designed with a partially movable stripper plate. In this design, the flow channel is ejected between the first and second plates, and the ejector plate is between the second and third plates to separate the part from the flow channel. The double parting surface injection mold is not suitable for the molding of some large injection molded parts, because it has complex economic structure, high cost of manufacturing enterprises, and difficult production and processing of parts. 3. Hot runner mold Hot runner mold is similar to traditional hot runner mold The difference is that the hot runner mold directly injects plastic into the cavity through the nozzle, and there is no runner during the molding process, which greatly improves the utilization rate of raw materials and avoids waste.

Generally speaking, the manufacturing cost of hot runner molds is higher than that of cold runner molds, but if the molded parts are small, especially if the parts are smaller than the runners, hot runner molds are a more economical choice. The processing of hot runner molds applies a variety of mechanical principles, especially for multi-cavity molds. The processing of hot runner molds can reduce the cycle time required for part forming and is suitable for mass production. More benefits can be obtained.

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