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What details should be paid attention to in TPE overmolding injection molding


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

TPE overmolding injection molding belongs to secondary injection molding, and its requirements are higher than ordinary injection molding, so there are more details to pay attention to, which must be summarized as follows. 1. The processing temperature of TPE overmolding injection molding is generally between 170 and 220 degrees. Because the secondary injection overmolding needs to completely absorb the product, the temperature is relatively high, which is also to better ensure product quality. 2. The shrinkage rate of the mold design. Since the TPE overmolding injection molding is to wrap the unmolded material on the formed product, the product will expand and contract after high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the shrinkage rate of the product. One-time molding to ensure the size of the product.

3. Plastic material, only the same material can be completely integrated, so it is necessary to determine the material of the product first, and then select the corresponding TPE material, because TPE is a customized material, which can be formulated according to different materials. 4. The fluidity of TPE material, overmolding injection molding has relatively high requirements on material fluidity, only the material with good fluidity can completely cover the surface of the injection molded product within the injection molding time, and there will be no uneven surface and uneven dispersion situation occurs. Will not affect the appearance of injection molded products.

4. The feel of the TPE material. Since the plastic injection molding itself is to make the injection molded products more hand-feeling and beautiful, it is necessary to choose a more hand-feeling material in the selection of materials. TPE materials can be designed according to customer requirements. hardness.

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