What is related to machine and personal safety in the processing of large CNC machining centers?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The processing of large-scale CNC machining centers is very complicated. Since the processing of CNC machining centers has strict safety operating procedures for the processing and operation, and there are other rules for the start-up processing of CNC lathe machining centers, etc., in these places, if The consequences of operator errors or inappropriate operations are very serious, so we must take a closer look. It is necessary to abide by the safety operation rules of the processing center. Before work, you should wear protective equipment and tie up your cuffs according to the rules. You are not allowed to wear scarves, gloves, ties, or aprons. Female workers should put their hair in their hats. Before starting up, check whether the tool compensation, machine zero point, workpiece zero point, etc. are correct, and the relative position of each button should meet the operating requirements.

Carefully compile and input the NC program. It is necessary to check the working status of the protection, safety, signal, position, mechanical transmission part, electrical, hydraulic, digital display and other systems on the equipment, and the cutting process can only be carried out under normal conditions. Before the machine tool is tested for processing, the working conditions of the lubrication, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, digital display and other systems should be checked. Dongguan computer gong processing can only carry out cutting processing under all normal conditions.

After the machine tool enters the processing work according to the program, the operator is not allowed to touch the moving workpiece, tool and transmission part, and it is forbidden to pass or take things through the rotating part of the machine tool. When adjusting the machine tool, clamping workpieces and tools, and wiping the machine tool, it is necessary to stop the machine, and tools or other items are not allowed to be placed on electrical appliances, operation cabinets and protective covers. It is not allowed to directly remove iron filings by hand, and special tools should be used for cleaning. If abnormal conditions and alarm signals are found, the car should be stopped immediately. , put the workbench in the middle position, retract the tool bar, stop the machine and cut off the power supply of the main machine.

CNC lathe machining center start-up processing: direct numerical control (DNC) operation, before DNC numerical control processing, the workpiece must be clamped, the zero position should be set, and the parameters should be set. Open the processing program to be transferred in the computer for viewing, then let the computer enter the DNC state, and input the file name of the correct processing program. Press the TAPE key and the program start key on the processing machine tool. At this time, the machine tool controller displays the shining LSK words. Press the Enter keyboard on the computer to perform DNC data transmission processing. It is necessary to carefully check the program at the beginning of each program. Whether the tool used is the one specified in the programming guidance book. When starting processing, the feed speed should be adjusted to the minimum, single block execution, fast positioning, tool drop, and tool feeding must be concentrated.

If there is a problem with the stop button, stop immediately. Pay attention to observe the direction of tool movement to ensure safe feed, and then gradually increase the feed speed to an appropriate level. At the same time, add coolant or cool air to the tool and workpiece. When starting rough machining Do not be too far away from the control panel, and stop the machine in time to check if there is any abnormal phenomenon. Pull the watch again after roughing to make sure that the workpiece is not loose. If there is a side, it is necessary to re-calibrate and touch the number, and continuously optimize the processing parameters during the processing to achieve the best processing effect. Because this process is a key process, after the workpiece processing is completed , It should be measured whether the main scale values ​​are consistent with the requirements of the drawings. If there is any problem, immediately notify the team leader on duty or the programmer to check and deal with it. The above are the operating procedures that need to be paid attention to in all aspects of large-scale CNC machining center processing. In addition, the fundamental key to large-scale CNC machining center processing is also to be understood. For example, the role of a machining center is actually composed of mechanical equipment and a numerical control system. High-efficiency automatic machine tools suitable for machining complex-shaped workpieces.

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