What is the basic principle of injection molding?


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The overall injection molding process is to flow the plastic melt into the closed mold cavity under high pressure, and after heating and condensing, a plastic product that is completely consistent with the shape of the mold cavity is obtained. The following Shanghai injection molding processing manufacturers will explain in detail the basic principles of popular science large-scale injection molding processing for you! Plasticization: During the injection molding process, solid plastic moves upward through the rotating screw, moves along the direction of the groove at intervals, and passes through the screw thread. Heating, compaction, stress and mixing heating. It is transformed into a palatable fluid plastic melt with symmetrical density, viscosity and composition, and stable in origin.

Injection molding process: The plasticized plastic melt is stored in the storage area of ​​the barrel, and the screw travels on the axis of rotation during the injection process. Under the action of the screw injection pressure, the plastic melt passes through the barrel at a certain speed. Flow the nozzle in the front section, take the forming mold casting system, etc. into the cavity of the mold.

Cooling and solidification process: The plastic melt flowing into the mold cavity overflows the mold cavity, thereby eliminating various flow resistances. The plastic melt added to the cavity is subjected to extreme pressure from the cavity, which drives the plastic melt to flow. The tendency to return to the barrel, where the plastic melt is heated and expanded due to the cooling effect of the cavity.

At this time, the screw screw is used to regain pressure to keep the plastic melt added to the cavity so as not to migrate, and the cavity is properly replenished through plastic melting. The body adds shrinkage space within the cavity until the plastic melt gradually heats up and solidifies into the product.

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