What methods can reduce the frequency of repairing injection molds


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

In fact, very little maintenance of injection molds comes from the mold itself. The following are the methods for plastic mold processing factories to reduce mold maintenance: 1. Strengthen the training of scientific injection molding knowledge, and try not to damage the molds in production. Improper parameters such as low pressure protection settings, mold clamping speed, mold clamping force, injection speed, holding pressure, mold temperature, etc. will cause great damage to the mold.

2. Production control. Try to avoid the hot runner plug iron and PIN pin in the table from damaging the mold. 3. Avoid problems in the fetus.

The design and manufacturing process of plastic mold processing is pregnant, and there must be no problems at this time, otherwise maintenance is inevitable. For example, the design of the mold 7 system, materials, etc. 4. Mold maintenance.

The primary and secondary maintenance in normal production and the tertiary maintenance of the mold maintenance department must be solidly in place to avoid wire drawing dust, spring breakage/thimble stuck/shovel chicken thorn. 5. Standardization and inventory of wearing parts. The thimble/spring/sleeve/guide post/guide sleeve should be as uniform as possible for stock.

6. Standardize the operation process, personnel training and performance appraisal. If the above six points are done well, mold maintenance accidents can generally be reduced by 50%, and the production efficiency of the enterprise will also be greatly improved.

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