What should be paid attention to in the manufacture of molds


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Molds have been gradually integrated into our lives. If we watch TVs, refrigerators, washing machines or transportation tools, cars are also inseparable from the use of molds, so gradually we should have some understanding of mold manufacturing. Only by knowing ourselves and the enemy can we make better use of the benefits that molds bring to us. Let's take a look at what needs to be paid attention to in the manufacture of molds with injection mold manufacturers. What is the mold drying process? In fact, this mold drying process is a very magical process. This process will make some plastic and rubber products filled with beautiful and beautiful patterns! 1. What needs to be paid attention to in the manufacture of molds To be honest, there are still many precautions in the manufacture of molds. For example, when designing cold stamping dies, the data must include product drawings, samples, design assignments and reference drawings. It is necessary to pay attention to see whether the product view provided by the customer is complete, what kind of requirements are there in terms of technical requirements, and whether there are any special requirements in addition.

It is very important to have a thorough understanding of the customer's requirements, whether to start trial production, mass production, or mass production. Understand the material properties, dimensions and supply methods of the parts, especially determine the reasonable clearance of punching and the feeding method of punching. It is necessary to understand the situation of the press and the specifications of the relevant technologies. Only in this way can a suitable mold be made according to the relevant data and parameters.

Understand the manufacturing technical force, equipment conditions and processing skills of the mold, and provide a basis for determining the mold structure. If the possibility of standard parts can be used to manufacture molds, then the mold manufacturing cycle can be shortened as much as possible. 2. What is the mold drying process? The mold drying process is actually able to make plastic or plastic product molds present a pattern effect, because today's era is always pursuing exquisiteness, and ordinary solid-color handicrafts can no longer satisfy people's psychology. up.

So at this time, the drying process is produced. In fact, there are two processing methods for this drying process. One is to use potion to make the drying process appear in front of you, and the other is to use laser. Showed sunburn. Next, let’s talk about the lotion drying process. After degreasing and washing the film, the mucous membrane is required, and then chemical inspection and surface treatment are carried out. At this time, printing can be done. There are also several types of patterns for printing. After the treatment, the trimming treatment can be carried out, and then the chemical etching treatment can be carried out. In fact, this step is to use potion to make the pattern deeper, and then do surface treatment, don't forget the step of rust removal, and finally pack it.

It can be said that the tanning process of this kind of chemical potion is very cumbersome and not environmentally friendly, and even the stability of the final product is particularly poor, and the surface looks rough. In fact, no matter which item is compared, the tanning process of this potion is not as good as the laser tanning process.

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