Why do injection molding products have a draft slope, and what does its size depend on?


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

One: Why do injection molding products have a demoulding slope? Generally, injection molding products must be molded and processed through corresponding molds. After an injection molded product is formed and cured, it is taken out from the mold cavity or core, commonly known as stripping. mold. Due to molding shrinkage and other reasons, plastic parts are often wrapped tightly on the core or trapped in the mold cavity, etc. After the mold is opened, they cannot automatically come out of the mold, which is convenient for the injection molded product to leave the mold and prevents the surface of the injection molded product from being scratched during demoulding. Injury, when designing the injection mold, the inner and outer surfaces of the injection molded product must have a reasonable demoulding angle along the demoulding direction. Two: Influencing factors of the demoulding slope of injection molding products 1) The demoulding angle depends on the performance of the injection molding product, the geometry of the product, for example, the height or depth of the product, the wall thickness and the surface state of the cavity, Such as surface roughness, processing texture and so on.

2) The draft angle of hard plastic is larger than that of soft plastic; 3) The shape of the injection molded product is more complicated, or the plastic part with more molding holes needs a larger demoulding slope; 4) The height of the injection molded product is higher If the hole is large and the hole is deep, take a smaller draft angle; 5) The wall thickness of the injection molded product increases, the force of the inner hole to wrap the core is greater, and the draft angle should also be larger.

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