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May 06, 2023

If the surface of plastic products is painted, the brightness of the product can be guaranteed to a very bright degree. Because plastic products themselves are difficult to reflect. 

So the plastic parts look darker, and sometimes if you look at it in the light, you will feel that the whole product is gray. If you add the skin grain on the surface of the plastic part, it is even darker. It looks like the product is completely old-fashioned. There is no completely new feeling.

Therefore, some customers will spray a layer of paint on the surface of plastic parts in order to pursue the beauty of the surface of plastic products. This guarantees the brightness of the product. It looks evermore aesthetically pleasing.

Painting Processes for Plastic Injection Molding

Spray-painting on the surface of plastic products is also beneficial to injection molding manufacturers. The benefit is that the scrap rate of plastic products can be reduced completely. 

The scrap rate of white plastic products has always been a headache in the injection molding industry, if the surface is painted, it covers up the shortcomings of the product and reduces the scrap rate of the product. 

For example, a black dot the size of a sesame seed appears on the injection molded product. According to us, this product should be a waste product. It can't be used. Because this black spot is dust accidentally running into the material, sometimes it cannot be avoided. 

However, if it is a painted product, it can be taken directly to spray paint, which will not affect the beauty. Will cover the place with spray paint on this black spot.

Painting Processes for Plastic Injection Molding

Therefore, it is very useful for spray-painting the surface of plastic parts with requirements. However, painting is an additional processor of injection molding. The cost will increase. Some customers can'accept it.

These are the advantages and disadvantages between the two. How to choose still depends on the customer's requirements.

Painting Processes for Plastic Injection Molding

Upon testing, the product is in strict accordance with the global quality norms.


Mulan Group specializes in the manufacture of customized parts. It has been engaged in the customized production of plastic and metal parts for more than 18 years. Mulan Group uses advanced processing equipment and scientific quality management system to provide global suppliers with one-stop customized plastic and metal custom parts production solutions. 

Mulan Group provides a cost-effective one-stop supply service with an efficient sales team, reasonable low-cost quotation and strong manufacturing resources. Rich production experience allows Mulan Group’s services to meet the products of various industries. 

Mulan Group has participated in many important product development and manufacturing to understand the use characteristics and requirements of different products. In other words, only a brief description of the customer, the production plan and the actual cost of the product can form a formal report. 

Mulan Group currently owns 2 manufacturing companies and holds 3 processing plants. Its business scope includes: CNC Machining Service, sheet metal Fabrication, Rapid Prototyping, Plastic injection molding service, mold tools, etc. 

An experienced team of engineers and an efficient sales team provide quick feedback to all production project queries for global buyers.

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