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Hollow blow molding manufacturers process large-scale industrial blow molding assembly products, and there are 4 molding processes. 1. Control of the formula of plastic raw materials The formula of assembled blow molding products should be basically the same. Various brands of high molecular weight and high density polyethylene from different manufacturers can be selected for blending. When choosing, pay attention to the similar melt index, so that the comprehensive mechanical properties of the product can be improved. The performance is good, and the molding process is conducive to control. When hollow blow molding manufacturers use a variety of plastic raw materials as molding materials, It needs to be mixed as evenly as possible to ensure the dimensional stability of blow molded products controlled from raw materials. 2. Control of production process parameters Control of temperature parameters during blow molding, control of setting time parameters, control of mold cooling water temperature, extrusion rate of extruder, control of pressing speed of plastic head, product inflation pressure and flow rate, etc. Both are important factors affecting the shrinkage of the product. It is necessary to carefully adjust various molding process parameters according to the operating conditions of equipment and molds, cooling rate, blowing pressure and flow rate. 3. Selection of assembly time The assembly time of blow molding products needs to be selected according to the characteristics of the products. Some products can be assembled after all parts are fully produced, giving it full shrink time. Some products need to produce some parts in advance, and then assemble when producing another one or several parts, so as to wrap or lock the pre-fabricated parts by using the heat shrinkage produced by the parts produced later. 4. Mold exhaust control When hollow blow molding manufacturers assemble industrial blow molding products, they control the exhaust process of the mold, which can make the wall thickness control of blow molding products achieve a more ideal effect. For the forming part with relatively large stretch, negative pressure exhaust can be implemented. The negative pressure exhaust of large blow molding molds can be realized in two ways: the way of vacuum generator and the way of vacuum pump. The pictures and texts are for learning reference only. For more blow molding products industry information, please pay attention to Proficient Mold Proficient in moulds|Hollow blow molding manufacturers|Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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