Key systems and technologies of all-electric blow molding product processing equipment


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The key system and technology of all-electric blow molding product processing equipment (2) The traditional opening and closing and moving system of blow molding products and the adjustment system of die gap adjustment system are driven by hydraulic pressure, which has the disadvantages of high energy consumption and unfriendly environment. Therefore, the replacement of hydraulic drive by all-electric drive has become an inevitable trend to meet the global requirements of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. In this lecture, we briefly introduce the second key system and technology of the all-electric blow molding product processing equipment: the electric adjustment system of the parison head die gap. The system uses two ordinary three-phase asynchronous motors instead of servo motors, and controls the movement direction of the ball screw pair through the clutch reversing device. The control process is: the controller receives the wall thickness adjustment start signal, reads the current position of the mandrel of the machine head from the encoder; calculates the target position after one action step by combining the current target position with the output state, and compares the calculated position with the target curve Compare and calculate the error, when the error exceeds the set allowable error, change the output state, otherwise, maintain the current output state and enter the next cycle; when the controller receives the wall thickness adjustment end signal, the brake clutch is locked, and the control cycle termination. The electric adjustment system for die gap in blow molding products has the following advanced and innovative features. (1) The structure is compact, the work is reliable, and the requirements for the motor are low. Driven by two low-power ordinary motors, it avoids the problem in the prior art that requires both fast response and high load capacity of the motors; it adopts compact, reliable and less impactful connection methods such as clutches and couplings, without the need for Gears and sprockets and other transmission mechanisms that may have gaps and impacts during reciprocating motion are used; compared with the existing electric adjustment system for the gap between the die and mouth of the existing blow molding product processing equipment of the same specification, the energy consumption of this system can be reduced by up to 100%. 60%. (2) Rapid response, suitable for complex product molding. The coupling and release time of the clutch is very short, and the gap between the die openings can be adjusted multiple times during a parison molding cycle, which is suitable for the molding of blow molding products with complex wall thickness distribution, including the above-mentioned all-electric mold opening and closing and moving Die system and die gap electric adjustment system are fully electric The energy consumption of blow molding products processing equipment is 45% to 55% lower than that of ordinary blow molding equipment of the same specification. Proficient in moulds|blow molding products|started in 1998, trustworthy.

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