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Key systems and technologies of blow molding product processing equipment


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Key systems and technologies of all-electric blow molding product processing equipment (1) The traditional opening, closing and moving systems of blow molding products and the adjustment system of die gap adjustment system are driven by hydraulic pressure, which have the disadvantages of high energy consumption and unfriendly environment. Therefore, the replacement of hydraulic drive by all-electric drive has become an inevitable trend to meet the global requirements of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. In this lecture, we briefly introduce one of the key system technologies of all-electric blow molding product processing equipment: the all-electric mold opening and closing and mold shifting system with dual transmission functions. After repeated research by experts and enterprises in the industry, an all-electric mold opening and closing and mold moving system has been successfully developed. Its advancement and innovation are mainly reflected in two aspects. 1. Single motor drive, with double transmission function It solves the difficulty caused by sharing one servo motor for mold opening and closing and mold transfer of blow molding products, effectively couples the relationship between the three functions of mold opening and closing, mold shifting and mold adjustment, and uses one servo motor to complete the opening and closing. Compared with the existing dual-motor mold opening, closing and mold moving system, the whole process of mold clamping and mold moving has significantly reduced the cost. 2. Significantly reduce energy consumption According to the actual measurement and analysis of blow molding products, its actual energy consumption is lower than 1/10 of the energy consumption of hydraulically driven mold opening and closing and mold shifting systems of the same specification, so it can be driven by low-power servo motors. Because: ① From the perspective of energy conversion and transmission, hydraulic drive systems generally need to go through the energy conversion process of "electrical energy-mechanical energy-hydraulic energy-mechanical energy". The energy transmission path is long, and there are power, pressure and flow losses during the transmission process. The overall efficiency is low, and the all-electric drive system only needs to pass through the "electric energy -Mechanical energy "one-time energy conversion, the energy transmission path is short, and the efficiency is obviously higher. ② From the perspective of load distribution during the processing and molding of blow molding products, the energy consumption of the hydraulically driven mold opening and closing system is mainly used in the parison inflation and product cooling stages after mold closing, which takes a long time, and the electric drive mold opening and closing system The energy consumption is mainly used for mold clamping and mold opening. At this time, frictional resistance is mainly overcome. Due to the use of the toggle mechanism with self-locking characteristics, the motor stops running after it is straightened and clamped. The cooling stage of blow molded products does not consume energy. Proficient in molds | Blow molding products processing customization | Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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