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Advantages of Blow Molding Machine Blow Molding


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Advantages of Blow Molding Machine Blow Molding 1. The cost of blow molding machines (especially blow molds) is low (when forming similar products, the cost of blow molding machines is about 1/3-1/2 of injection machinery), and the production cost of products is also low. 2. In blow molding, the parison is formed by the machine head at a lower pressure and inflated at a low pressure (mostly 0.2-1.0MN), so the residual stress of the product is small, and it is resistant to stretching, impact, bending and The performance of various strains such as the environment is high, and it has good performance. In injection molding, the melt must pass through the mold runner and gate under high pressure (15-140yPa), which will lead to uneven stress distribution. 3. The relative molecular weight of blow molding grade plastics (such as PE) is much higher than that of injection grade plastics. Therefore, blow molding products have high impact toughness and high resistance to environmental stress cracking, and are suitable for the production of containers or vats for packaging or transporting detergents and chemical reagents. 4. Since the blow molding mold is only composed of a female mold, the wall thickness of the product can be changed by simply adjusting the die gap or extrusion conditions of the machine head, which is very beneficial for products that cannot accurately calculate the required wall thickness in advance. The cost of injection molding without changing the wall thickness of the product is much higher. 5. Blow molding can produce products with very small wall thickness, which cannot be produced by injection molding.6. Blow molding can produce complex, irregular and integral products. When injection molding is used, two or more products must be produced first, and then combined by snap fit, solvent teaching or ultrasonic welding.

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