The position action of the factors affecting the life of the plastic shell mold


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

There are many factors that affect the life of plastic shell molds. This article mainly describes the movement of plastic shell molds. 1. The movement of the plastic shell mold slider should be smooth and not stuck. It is necessary to ensure that the parts are not deformed, and there are no dead movements, unevenness, looseness, etc.; 2. The guide sliding surface of the large slider must have an oil groove; 3. The large slider must have a cooling water channel; 4. The slider and the slider part adopt HVE6 The combined structure cannot be loosened; 5. When the sliding stroke is too long, the guide must be increased on the mold base. Generally, the guide length is about 1.5 times the width. The 2/3 pipe of the guide rail section of the slider in the guide rail should be placed in the guide rail; 6. There must be a gap greater than 0.2mm in the cooperation between the oblique guide post hole and the oblique guide post, and it is forbidden to match the same specification; 7. The slope guide The angle is less than 2 degrees of the inclination of the wedging surface of the row position. The wedging block of the large slider must extend into the lower mold of 15-20 mm, and interlock with the 10-degree slope of the incline.

8. The cavity of the circular slider combination has a difference of 2 degrees between the longitudinal direction and the angular direction of the circular slider, and the angle of the oblique guide column. Sliders of the same size are prohibited. The z final position of the slider is above the mold, and a slingshot must be used Push or pull, the form cannot use wave beads, so as not to hit the circular slider and the inclined guide post when the slider is closed in the plastic shell mold. 9. In addition, wear-resistant plates must be installed on the facing surfaces of all rows, and the length of the facing surfaces must be greater than 30mm and the width greater than 50mm. Both the details and the row position pressure plate need to be quenched and hardened above 52HRC, and the larger part is nitrided or hardened according to the requirements before the plastic shell mold is opened.

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