What are the errors and wear in machining tool manufacturing?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The overall layout of mechanical processing needs to follow certain principles. What are the errors and wears in the manufacture of its tools? Please see the following description: 1. Scaled tools (such as drills, reamers, keyway milling cutters and round broaches, etc.) ) The dimensional accuracy directly affects the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. 2. The shape accuracy of forming tools (such as forming turning tools, forming milling cutters, forming grinding wheels, etc.) will directly affect the shape accuracy of workpieces. 3. The edge shape error of the generating tool (such as gear hob, spline hob, gear shaping tool, etc.) will affect the shape accuracy of the machined surface.

4. For general tools (such as turning tools, boring tools, milling cutters), the manufacturing accuracy has no direct impact on the machining accuracy, but the tools are easy to wear. What are the errors and wear in the production of mechanical processing tools? The planning principles of mechanical processing procedures: 1. The planned technological procedures should ensure the processing quality of machine parts (or the installation quality of the machine) and meet the various technical requirements stipulated on the planning drawings. . 2. The process should have a higher productivity, so that the product can be put on the market as soon as possible.

3. Try to reduce the production cost. 4. Pay attention to reducing the labor intensity of workers to ensure production safety. Scope of application of mechanical processing: 1. Processing of various metal parts; 2. Sheet metal, box body, metal structure; 3. Mechanical processing of titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys, non-metals, etc.; 4. Planning and production of wind tunnel combustion chambers; 5. Planning and production of non-standard equipment; 6. Planning and production of molds.

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