What are the importance of mold processing performance?


Author: MULAN –Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The need to improve the processing performance of mold processing equipment mainly reflects: 1. The increasing size of mold forming parts and the high productivity of parts require one mold with multiple cavities, resulting in increasingly large molds. Large-scale molds with large tonnages can reach 100 tons. Cavities, thousands of cavities, mold processing equipment is required to have a large worktable, increased Y-axis and Z-axis strokes, large load-bearing, high rigidity, and high consistency. 2. The mold steel material for mold processing has high hardness, which requires the mold processing equipment to have thermal stability and high reliability. 3. For complex cavities and multi-functional composite molds, with the complexity of the shape of the parts, it is necessary to improve the design and manufacturing level of the molds. Many grooves and materials are formed in a set of molds or assembled into components. Functional composite molds require a large amount of machining programming programs, and have comprehensive cutting capabilities for deep holes and high stability, which increases the difficulty of machining.

4. The refinement of mold processing makes the compounding and high efficiency of processing equipment more attractive. High-speed milling has many advantages such as the ability to process high-hard steel, stable processing, small cutting force, and small deformation of workpieces. Processing is getting more and more attention. 5. High dynamic precision. The static performance (such as repeat positioning accuracy and linear feed speed) introduced by machine tool manufacturers cannot reflect the actual processing situation when the three-dimensional surface of the mold is processed. The three-dimensional curved surface of the mold is processed with high precision, and a high The requirements of dynamic precision performance, high speed and high precision can only be realized with the cooperation of high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability and high quality control system of the machine tool. 6. The combination of processing technology and green product technology will be taken into consideration when enterprises purchase equipment. The radiation and medium selection of electric processing machine tools will be factors affecting safety and steel. Electric fire steel milling technology will be developed in the field of mold processing in the future .7. The composite application of multiple measurement technologies, high-speed measurement and its reverse engineering have become the development direction to promote mold participation in product development and design technology.

The improvement and creation of high and new technology is necessary and must be done in any industry, because only the improvement of technology can make a circle of its own in the industry field, and my country's mold industry is working hard in this direction.

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