What should I do if the machining accuracy of the machining center is not good?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

The machining accuracy of the machining center is directly related to the accuracy of the machine tool of the machining center. Some users find that the machining accuracy will have errors after using the machine tool for several years. What should I do if this happens? Let me talk about several reasons that affect the accuracy of the machining center: 1. XYZ axis backlash compensation is incorrect 2. XYZ is loose to the main strip 3. XYZ bearing is damaged 4. The geometrical precision deviation of the fuselage machinery 5. Axial and radial movement of the main shaft 6. Improper adjustment of system servo parameters and processing parameters 7. The customer programming program is wrong 8. The XYZ axis screw and the screw nut are worn out. After finding the reasons that affect the accuracy, the corresponding solutions are listed: 1. Calibrate the correct backlash with a dial gauge 2. Adjust the tightness of the main inserts of each axis, observe the load of the system and adjust it to a good state. 3. Detect the condition of the bearing, and replace it in time if abnormal noise or damage of the spindle is found. 4. Use marble square and ballbar to test the geometric accuracy of each item, and correct if any deviation is found. 5. Measure the precision of the inner hole of the main shaft, check whether the main shaft bearing has any movement, if the movement clearance is too large, it should be replaced in time.

6. Adjust servo position loop, speed loop gain, load inertia ratio, machining accuracy coefficient, acceleration and deceleration time constant 7. Professional optimization, adjust programming process 8. Under the conditional conditions, the screw gap compensation is carried out by means of laser interferometer. I believe that through this series of inspections and adjustments, the accuracy of the machine tool will be as good as ever. The accuracy of workpiece processing can also be ensured.

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