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What structures need to be considered in the design of injection molds?


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

There will be a close relationship between the design and manufacture of injection molds and plastic processing. The success or failure of plastic processing depends to a large extent on the design effect of injection molds and the quality of injection mold manufacturing, and the design of injection molds is based on the correct plastic. Product design is basic. So what structures must be considered in the design of injection molds? The following mold manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction. Touch the surface. The selection of its position and method is affected by factors such as product shape and shape, wall thickness, forming method, post-production process, type and structure of injection mold, mold release method and forming machine structure.

2. Structural parts: that is, guide rail sliders, inclined guide columns, straight top blocks, etc. of complicated injection molds. The design of structural parts is very important, which is related to the service life of the injection mold, the production and processing cycle time, cost, product quality, etc. Therefore, the complex design of the key structure of the injection mold processing has high requirements for the comprehensive ability of the designer. Try to pursue perfection and more Simpler, more durable and more economical development scheme design. 3. Mold precision: avoid jamming, precise and precise positioning, positioning pins, circlips, etc.

The mobile phone positioning system is related to the appearance quality of the product, the quality and service life of the injection mold. According to the design of the injection mold, different positioning methods are selected. The key to precision level control is production and processing. The precise positioning of the core mold is mainly for designers to fully understand. Taking into account, a more effective and easy-to-adjust precise positioning method is designed. 4. Pouring system: It is the feeding passageway from the nozzle of the plastic machine to the middle of the die, including the flow passage, the separation passage, the glue inlet and the cold feed hole. In particular, the selection of the glue inlet should be beneficial for the molten plastic to fill the die with good fluidity, and the solid flow channel attached to the product and the cold material of the glue inlet can be easily ejected from the mold and Give Elimination.

5. Plastic shrinkage and various factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of the product, such as mold manufacturing and installation deviation, mold damage, etc. In addition, when designing the compression mold and injection mold, the processing technology of the forming machine and the matching of the main parameters of the structure should also be considered. Aided design technology has been widely used in injection mold design.

In addition, in the process of designing plastic molds, mold standard parts should also be considered, so that the complete set of molds can achieve good results, and then promote the smooth development of injection molds in the injection mold processing stage.

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