Wind Power Traction 3D Blow Molding Products Processing Equipment Application Technology


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Wind Power Traction 3D Blow Molding Products Processing Equipment Application Technology In order to solve the problems of a large number of flashes and clamping seams when forming curved pipe fittings with conventional blow molding product processing technology, wind power traction three-dimensional blow molding product processing equipment and technology have been successfully developed on the market. The blow molding product processing equipment is composed of a parison molding and control device, a wind power generation and control device and a mould. 1. Blow molding process The extruder pumps the polymer melt into the machine head, the two halves of the mold are closed, and at the same time the upper and lower inserts are opened to form a mold cavity connected up and down; start the air pump, and the air enters the air ring through the valve and the gas proportional valve. The stabilized airflow enters the mold cavity through the annular channel of the air ring; the parison is extruded and the air pump is started at the same time, and the air enters the parison through the valve; the parison moves downward along the curved cavity under the traction force of the airflow Move, when the end of the parison reaches the predetermined position, the photoelectric sensor sends out a signal to close the lower insert to seal the lower port of the parison, the upper insert closes and seals the upper port of the parison, and then injects compressed air to make the parison It is inflated to fit against the mold cavity, cooled in the mold, and then formed into a three-dimensional curved pipe. 2. Technical innovation points 1) Simple and compact structure The blow molding product processing equipment mainly uses the airflow formed by the wind power generation and control device to drag the parison, and with the help of the air cushion formed between the mold cavity and the parison, the parison is "suspended" on the air cushion along the curved mold. The cavity is moved to form a three-dimensional elbow with almost no flash, the equipment structure is relatively simple, the manufacturing cost is low, and it is convenient for popularization and application. (2) Material saving and consumption reduction When clamping the mold, only the two ends of the parison are clamped, so the amount of flash can be greatly reduced (20% to 90% less than conventional blow molding), the utilization rate of materials can be improved, and the cost of flash removal and flash crushing and recycling can be reduced. Processing capacity; when forming three-dimensional bends of similar blow-molded products, significantly smaller extruders and parison heads can be used, and the clamping edge of the mold is short, which significantly reduces the clamping force. In this way, the processing energy consumption can be greatly reduced (Through the test, the energy consumption of a single product is reduced by about 53%). (3) High product performance After the parison enters the mold cavity, its outer surface will not contact the surface of the mold cavity prematurely, which can avoid the concave deformation of the parison and make the circumferential wall thickness distribution of the blow molded product more uniform; especially because Blow molded products do not form a clamping gap in the axial direction, which can significantly improve their mechanical properties and service life, making this blow molded product processing equipment particularly suitable for producing pressurized Three-dimensional elbows of blow molding products (such as automobile air intake and exhaust pipe fittings, etc.); for elbows with internal fluid flow, there is no gap in the axial direction to avoid unstable flow; the amount of flash is small so that recycled materials can be added A small amount can also improve the performance of the product. Proficient in blow molding | Blow molding products custom manufacturers.

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