6 ways to improve the service life of stamping dies


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Stamping die is an essential process equipment in the stamping production process, which plays a decisive role in improving product quality, prolonging product life, and improving production efficiency. However, because the stamping die loses its working size due to frequent wear and tear during the production process, it is difficult to meet the production demand. Therefore, it is critical to improve the durability (service life) of stamping dies.

Stamping die manufacturers generally have the following methods to improve the durability of their products! 1. Improve the design of the stamping die Whether the design of the stamping die is reasonable is the basis for improving the durability of the stamping die. Therefore, when designing stamping dies, effective measures should be taken to deal with unfavorable conditions in product forming to improve the durability of stamping dies. For example, the life of stamping dies with small holes is often reflected in the punch for punching small holes. For this type of stamping die, the length of the small punch should be shortened as much as possible during design to increase the strength. At the same time, the method of guiding sleeves should be used to strengthen the small punch for protection.

In addition, in the design of the stamping die, factors such as the form of the mold base, the fixing method and the guiding form of the convex and concave dies, the determination of the pressure center, and the rigidity of the upper and lower templates should be fully considered. Especially for the punching die, the selection of the gap value has a great influence on the durability. When designing, the gap of the stamping die should be selected reasonably, and the gap value should not be too small, otherwise it will affect the service life and durability of the stamping die.

Practice has proved that without affecting the quality of stamping parts, appropriately enlarging the gap can greatly improve the durability of the stamping die, sometimes even several times or dozens of times. 2. Correct selection of stamping die materials Different stamping die materials have different strengths, toughness and wear resistance. Using advanced materials under certain conditions can increase the durability several times.

Therefore, in order to improve the durability of stamping dies, good materials must be selected. The material of Toolox series is a new type of pre-hardened tool steel with high toughness, high wear resistance and basically no internal stress. It also has very high purity, very fine grain size, and very high S and P content. Less, the content of precipitated carbide is less, and it is very uniform. Due to the special composition design, Toolox series materials have very excellent surface treatment performance. Among them, the surface hardness of Toolox44 can reach above HRC65 after nitriding, and the surface hardness of Toolox40 can reach above HRC62. The surface hardness of Toolox33 can reach above HRC58, and the depth is as high as 1.8mm. The above characteristics of the Toolox series materials make the Toolox series materials have special advantages in the application of some stamping dies.

① Stamping dies for thicker steel plates (a typical case of punching and shearing thickness is 35mm), stainless steel plates, and non-ferrous metal plates, typically air-conditioning fin dies. ② Stretching die, stainless steel stretching die. ③Cold extrusion mold, cold extrusion 304 stainless steel, thickness above 0.5mm, replacing DC53 and other materials, the effect is very good.

④ Large stamping templates with high dimensional stability requirements. 3. Reasonable forging and heat treatment of stamping die parts. While selecting high-quality stamping die materials, reasonable forging and heat treatment are required for materials of the same material and different properties, which is one of the main ways to improve the durability of stamping dies. For example, during quenching, if overheating is produced during heating, not only will the workpiece become too brittle, but it will also easily cause deformation and cracking during cooling, reducing the durability.

Therefore, when manufacturing stamping dies, the heat treatment process must be reasonably mastered. The material is quenched and tempered steel directly pre-hardened by the steel factory, no heat treatment is required, and with appropriate surface treatment (such as nitriding), the high toughness of the Toolox matrix material, combined with the high hardness of the upper surface layer, can achieve excellent Effect. 4. Reasonably arrange the stamping die manufacturing process and ensure processing accuracy The processing accuracy of the stamping die has a great influence on the durability of the stamping die.

For example, due to the uneven assembly gap in the punching die, the die will often be damaged under the action of shear force and affect the life of the punching die. At the same time, if the surface finish of the stamping die is too low, the durability of the stamping die will also be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to pay full attention to the size of the hole pitch, the verticality of the punch to the support surface of the fixed plate during assembly, the uniformity of the stamping die spacing, and the guide accuracy level of the guide sleeve and guide post during processing.

The higher the precision of manufacturing and assembly and the higher the surface roughness level of the working part, the higher the durability of the stamping die. 5. Correct selection of presses In order to improve the durability of stamping dies, presses with higher precision and higher rigidity should be selected, and the stamping tonnage should be more than 30% greater than the stamping force. Normally, the use of a servo punch can increase the life of the die by more than dozens of times.

6. Reasonable use and maintenance of stamping dies In order to improve the durability of stamping dies, the operator must use and maintain the stamping dies reasonably, and the stamping dies should be repaired frequently to prevent the stamping dies from working with diseases. The above are several common methods to improve the wear resistance of stamping dies. The significance of improving the wear resistance can not only increase the service life of the stamping die, reduce the production cost of the mold enterprise, but also ensure the quality of the produced products and improve the production efficiency.

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