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The tearing problem of metal stamping parts, according to the actual situation of production, by checking the tearing position, fracture shape and degree of crushing, the stamping and stretching oil manufacturer "Chemical" found that the tearing and skewing of the parts are mainly reflected in Flanging forming process, therefore, this process needs to be paid attention to, so the main reasons for this process phenomenon are: 1. The forming process parameters are not properly implemented. In the forming process of the part, the process requires the die, the pressing core and both They must be tightly combined, and the thinned sheet metal is plastically deformed when the machine tool slides down to form. However, during the pressing process, the quality of the parts is unstable. The main reason is that the mold processing technicians did not adjust the pressure of the machine tool at this stage according to the specified requirements of the process, causing stability problems and resulting in poor quality of the parts. Stablize. 2. Design defect of flanging forming mold. The mold is a mold with double cavities. In addition to flanging, the content of this process also includes shape forming content. In addition, the workpiece is particularly complicated and the bending surface is narrow. The forming requires a die to press the material core. It is consistent with the forming surface, etc., resulting in the situation that the mold structure conditions are large and the pressing area is small.

3. There is an error between the mold processing part and the drawing design, such as clearly marking the area that needs to be processed. However, since the pressing core is a complex surface, the guide surface is machined after the casting is formed, resulting in a gap error after the machining surface and the guide surface of the die are slippery, and the left/right side of the pressing core appears during the normal operation of the mold. Swing right. Before the part is formed, the positioning is carried out by the positioning pins and holes on the upper plane of the pressing core, which requires that the pressing core must ensure stable, reliable and correct sliding during the forming of the part, otherwise the part will fail during forming. Stable, so that the pressing core and the die wall collide and squeeze, causing the workpiece to generate tensile stress. When the strength limit of the material is exceeded, the workpiece will be torn and skewed.

Therefore, the above tearing problem of metal stamping parts, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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