Exhaust Design and Manufacture of High Surface Quality Blow Molded Products Mold


Author: MULAN -Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Exhaust Design and Manufacture of Integral High Surface Quality Blow Molding Products Mold In some blow-molded products with high-quality surface, in order to make the appearance and internal quality of blow-molded products reach a higher level, it is generally made into an integral mold when designing and making molds. Rapid prototyping when inflated, The exhaust design and manufacture of blow molding molds need to be taken seriously. Although the appearance quality of blow molded products can be improved by adjusting the parameters of the blow molding process, it will relatively affect the pass rate of the product and increase the difficulty of process adjustment. Considering that the appearance and surface of blow molded products require relatively high quality requirements, the exhaust method is generally designed as an exhaust hole method. The diameter of the tiny pores on one side of the mold cavity is about 0.1~0.2 mm, and the depth is about 1~4 mm; the small hole can be made of stainless steel injection needles, and the diameter of the vent hole outside the mold is about 3~10 mm. When negative pressure exhaust is required, the vent hole can be connected with the negative It is connected with the pressure pipe, which can realize the rapid exhaust of the blow molded product mold. The spacing of the exhaust holes is Choose between 40~120 mm. The selection of the specific size is mainly based on the structural form and surface quality requirements of blow molded products. For products with complex structures and high surface quality requirements, choose a smaller spacing between the vent holes, and vice versa. You can choose to be slightly larger. On the same pair of molds, the diameter and spacing between the vent holes should be basically the same. At present, the micro-hole processing of blow-molded product molds has been widely carried out by laser processing, and the accuracy of the holes can be easily guaranteed. Proficient in Mold|Blow Molded Products | Started in 1998, trustworthy.

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